Vitamin D best absorbed in cheek and under tongue, world first study finds

Scientists say a unique spray-in-the-mouth vitamin D supplement can guarantee at least 37 per cent immediate absorption - unlike other tablet, capsule or dropper forms of the vitamin, which rely on the variable rate of digestive absorption.

Cardiff University experts tested samples of BetterYou’s DLux vitamin D oral spray supplement in the first research of its kind to be carried out anywhere in the world.

Their findings show that DLux’s unique formula, including its inclusion of peppermint oil, means more than a third of the oral spray enters the bloodstream immediately via the buccal and sub-lingual membranes found in the cheek and under the tongue.

Any of the formulation not absorbed immediately within the mouth is then absorbed via the body’s normal digestive route, aided by the inclusion of coconut oil, a medium chain triglyceride which promotes effective digestion.

The results are significant because they show for the first time how quickly vitamin D is absorbed by the body via the buccal and sub lingual routes, with the buccal route proving the most effective. Currently no other vitamin D tablet, capsule or dropper can stipulate the level of vitamin D3 that will be absorbed in this method.

Other key findings in the study showed that the ‘micro-emulsification’ process, which allows the oil to be broken down for easier transportation, further aids the speed of absorption.

Dr Charles Heard at the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, said: "Because of the high permeability of the sublingual membrane, coupled with the proximity of a rich vascular system, sublingual drug administration offers potentially very rapid onset of action; in some cases, close to that of intravenous administration.

“This has been borne out through research my team undertook with BetterYou's sub-lingual administration of vitamin D."

Vitamin D is a vitamin and pro-hormone which is rarely found in natural foods. Our bodies naturally produce it by synthesising ultraviolet light from the sun. It is required in the body to make proper use of calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

Vitamin D deficiency is often the cause of bone diseases in children and adults, including osteoporosis and rickets. It plays a major function in our overall health and wellbeing, including heart health, immune system and good mental health and regulates cell growth which could help protect against certain type of cancers, insulin production and diabetes.

Earlier this year, Dame Sally Davies the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, announced her concerns to health professionals regarding a rise in vitamin D defciency related conditions, asking them to consider vitamin D supplementation for at risk groups.

Following this, DLux400 has been added to the NHS product list that adheres to the CMO’s advice for vitamin D supplementation – the first and only oral spray form to be accepted.

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director and Founder at BetterYou, said: “We are very proud of our work with in the area of sub-lingual vitamin D supplementation and it's wonderful to get recognition from the Department of Health. This is a breakthrough as it now provides a realistic alternative to vitamin injections.

“The future of sub-lingual supplementation is immense and we are constantly developing new formulations."

BetterYou, which has pioneered product development to produce more convenient and effective methods of supplementing vitamin D, recommends that everybody from birth supplements vitamin D to prevent bone diseases and other health conditions.

The DLux range, which comes in four strengths for different needs, retails from £6.25 from Holland & Barratt, independent pharmacies and independent health stores across the UK. All are suitable for vegetarians and those on a gluten, wheat and lactose free diet.

For copies of the full research study please contact, or call 0114 220 2229.