Mail on Sunday votes DLux1000 its top Vitamin D supplement!

The Mail on Sunday has voted BetterYou as its number one!

The Sunday paper voted the health product supplier’s DLux1000 oral vitamin D spray as its top choice in its top 5 vitamin D feature.

More than half of us don’t get enough of the sunshine vitamin, and research is increasingly linking vitamin D deficiency with a higher risk of health related problems including bone-thinning, heart disease and depression.

Vitamin D is a vitamin and pro-hormone which is poorly represented within our diet. In fact 90 per cent of our requirement must come from our skin's exposure to the sun. It is required in the body to make proper use of calcium for stronger bones and teeth and for the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

BetterYou's range of oral vitamin D sprays offer a fast and convenient of guaranteeing your daily requirement. The DLux range has been designed for optimum efficiency. By spraying under the tongue the vitamin is delivered directly into the bloodstream rather than the digestive system so speeding absorption.

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